Phonlab Year in Review

Phonlab Year in Review

​Phonlab Has added lots of new content to the course this year and we hope you have been able to keep up with it all. But if you haven’t then here is the full list of new stuff from 2022. Probably my favorite new tool is the Phonlab AT command tool as we have made tons of changes to it and even added an LG version just for fun. The really question is can you find the hidden hacker mode on the interface of the Phonlab AT command tool. You have been challenged. 🙂 ​

New lessons added to the Phonlab Smartphone Tech Course

New lessons added to the Phonlab Chromebook Support Course

The Latest blog post

​In 2023 the Phonlab Smartphone Tech Course is going to get a big make over with new layout and more quiz’s to make sure that you have retained the content. If you have any ideas on this we can improve please email us back as we would love to here from you. 


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