Release the Flipper

Release the Flipper

The Flipper Zero is an amazing device that has so many fun use cases. Now you can release even more of them with the new custom Firmware developed by RogueMaster. This firmware gives you a ton of new apps and features including random new splash screens that are really fun. This post will guide you through the setup and features of the Flipper goodness.

Game Mode

Game mode is one of my favorite features of this new flipper firmware. Once you have enabled this mode your flipper can only access the game menu, your flipper level and the clock. This is great for any prying eyes that are interested in this device and also to leave the flipper zero in this mode for security. This is not as good as a password but this a good idea. You can enter this more from the lock screen or turn it on and off from the clock. The best part is the password for game mode. To exit or enter game mode: UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT (WHILE INSIDE OF THE CLOCK APP) as seen below.

Installation Instructions

  • Update to the latest stock firmware for the Flipper Zero with Qflipper
  • Download RogueMaster firmware and extract it in the update folder on your Flipper SDcard.
  • Boot up the flipper and use the browser on the device to navigate to the Ext/update folder.
  • open the firmware folder 0.66.2-0913-RM.A and select update then Run in App.
  • Let the device reboot and run this update.
  • Once the update is complete you can navigate back to the Ext/update folder.
  • Select 0.66.2-0913-RM.B and update to this version of the firmware.

NOTE: Now you can switch between Firmware A or B right from the flipper Browser with this method. you can also keep old firmware on the device switch to them as you wish.

The Good Stuff

Now that the firmware is setup and running you need to get your hands on some fun hacking tools and games. Most of these can be found on github but I have a zip put together for you here. Make sure you place these items in the proper locations your SDcard.

Have fun and flipper responsibly



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