Lint The Port Killer

Lint The Port Killer

Charging ports can be frustrating to trouble shoot and figure out why the phone or tablet is not charging. The Lighnting port on iPhones are the most common culprits to have lint in them but the USB type C ports are right behind them. Before replacing any USB port always check for lint and dirty.

Lint in your phone port normally shows up with these symptoms.

  • The cable is loose in the port
  • The cable is not going all the way into the port
  • The phone is charging and then not charging constantly when plugged in

This problem is really easy to fix if you have the right tools on hand. Lightning ports are simple to fix but the USB type C ports are a little trick as you have a stem in the middle of them that you do not want to break.

These are the tools I would recommend using for this task.

  • Sim card tool
  • Compressed Air in a can
  • Super skinny needle
  • Good lighting or even a head lamp

In my experience the paper clip and thumb tack work fine with Lightning ports but I would not use them on a USB type C port as they are to thick. See Pictures below.

Checking the charging port on every Phone that comes into your shop for lint and dirt is a good practice. If you dig out the lint in front of the customer they will really be impressed and happy when their phone charges much better after it is cleaned.


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