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Smartphone Tech

App Developer Course Huge Discount

Phonlab offers 2 app developer course one for Android and the other Apple iOS. These courses teach you the basic skills you will need to start developing and coding your own applications. Everything from setting up the development environment to publishing your app to the Google play store or the app store. Today we are…
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Get Phonlab Certified

If you have always wanted to get into the Smartphone repair business or even want to open your own store. Then getting a certificate from Phonlab is really a great idea.  The Phonlab Smartphone Tech Course certificate is great to have on your resume and even better to have on your wall in your shop.…
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Start a Sucessful Mobile Repair Business with these 5 tips

When I first started out, I had only two things: a laptop computer and the desire to learn everything I could about smartphones. That is really all that you need to become a great smartphone tech. I would spend hours awake late at night reading everything I could about anything that would earn me money…
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