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4 methods to access Samsung download mode

1 Device Buttons There are 3 different styles of Samsung device available today. Make sure you pick the right option below for your device to be able to boot into download mode correctly. Samsung devices with a home button POWER OFF the device then hold VOLUME DOWN plus HOME plus POWER until you get warning screen on the left then select…
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How doe’s Samsung remove FRP with internal tools.

I am asked almost every week this question. “How are remote unlocking services able to remove FRP from Samsung devices in a matter of seconds?” This question has taken me many hours of investigation to answer. The simple answer is that they are using Samsung’s official internal tools and server called GSPN. Samsung must have…
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GalaxyReaper FRP Bypass Tool

GalaxyReaper FRP Bypass Tool During the summer of 2017 you may have noticed a little project that Phonlab announced called “MotoReaper”, this was a software utility that removes FRP from any Motorola device. The program is really easy to use and popular because with a couple clicks your done, FRP is removed. Well we didn’t…
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