Samsung Official FRP removal for cheap

Samsung Official FRP removal for cheap

Chimera Tool just sent out a some new things that they are supporting with their tool. A lot of free repairs for Hauwei devices. But one of the biggest things is one amazing price for Samsung FRP removal. 150CRD cost just $18 USD which makes the Samsung FRP removal cost per devices just $2.30. This is the absolute cheapest price i have ever seen. Chimera Tool does even require a flash box to use but it does require a yearly subscription. Learn more at the official site here.

⭐️ Huawei: Kirin 710A is now fully supported

⭐️ Huawei: added Remove Huawei ID for all SoC types, all regions

⭐️ Huawei: all procedures are FREE on all supported CPUs (Kirin 710/810/820/980/985/990/990 5G), no credit needed:

  • Demo Remove FREE
  • Remove Huawei ID FREE
  • Remove FRP Lock FREE
  • Read/Write Cert FREE
  • Model and Vendor/Country Change FREE
  • Modify Oeminfo FREE
  • Network Factory Reset FREE

⭐️ Samsung: cheaper FRP Remove, 19 CRD only (59 CRD before)

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