What’s new at Phonlab May 2023

What’s new at Phonlab May 2023

This month we are releasing some new and updated FRP bypass methods. First RootJunky has updated the Phonlab AT command tool. This tool now works to bypass FRP on Samsung Models A and S devices. It may work on other models also just need to test it. If you have never used the AT Command tool it is very powerful and works on both Samsung and LG devices.

There is also 2 new FRP bypass methods on Pixel devices. This method is on a Pixel 6 on Android 13. We have also been doing some research on Android 14 upside down cake and have a working FRP bypass for it as well.

Unbricking Motorola devices is basically impossible without the blank flash files from Motorola. Phonlab has a tool that puts all the blank flash files together in a easy to use interface. This tool supports most qualcomm based Motorola device at this time and is super useful to have when needed.

Whats new at Phonlab






If you haven’t been following our Blog then you are missing out on some fun topics and things that we are sure you will enjoy. Phonlab isn’t trying to sell products with its blog but instead put out useful information that we find cool and fun. Check it out below.

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Check out our new training model that we released this year. We have completely changed the layout and design of the training. We hope you like it and can gain some new skills with us this year.

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  1. Avatar photo Iffan says:

    Good day!
    Where i can download Samsung AT command tool v8?

    • Avatar photo rootjunky says:

      once you enroll in the phonlab smartphone tech course you can get the tool in the samsung firmware flashing course.

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