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Smartphone Hardware Repair and Data Recovery Technician is one repair course that teaches you all of today’s in demand skills for just one low price. Phonlab has spent years developing the most comprehensive training course ever created in repair. Our unique training guides are designed for online learning with easy to understand instructions so that you can learn quickly. 


A few things we’re great at

The Phonlab Smartphone Hardware Repair Tech Course will cover many topics and below you will find some of them along with a full list. 

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Data Recovery

Learn today’s latest skill sets in data recovery for mobile devices, and Microscopic Inspections. Understanding what type of recovery is needed, and then actually performing the recovery.

Micro Soldering

Learn through an exclusive process in online learning development on how to use a soldering station, and other surface mount tech tools. No need to travel to a class or seminar, Phonlab will have you soldering quickly and with good results.

BGA Chip Off

Ball Grid array is the process of removing the memory or other chips from the PCB and extraction of the data. You will learn to remove the chip with a hot air rework station and hot tweezers.

Reballing Chips

Reballing a chip has become necessary for any good repair shop these days due to the increase in underfill cracks, poor manufacturing processes, and physical damage.


Joint Test Action Group or JTAG can be applied with the chip on or off the device and allows for boot repair, reprogramming the EMMC or NAND, including data recovery operations and security testing including how to use the NAND Adapter and Software Program.

Glass Replacement & Refurbish

Learn how to replace the screen on any smartphone including disassembly tips, back plate removal, recommended tools and equipment. Refurbishing the display with glass and applying LOCA or new cables, testing,and use of the hot plate.

Advanced Tools

Learning about tools is a primary skill with the hardware course you will know how to use advanced equipment and their recommended settings, materials, temperature, and use. Digital Hot air rework station, soldering station, Microscope with cameras for inspection to name a few.

PCB Inspection

Troubleshooting is a skill that is necessary for advanced repair. You will learn several techniques for inspecting the Printed Circuit Board or PCB for any damage to the traces and any components.

Water Damage Recovery

Water damage is still a real problem even with new industry ratings like IP 67/68 damage still occurs. In this section you will learn how to treat water damage for recovery or possible repairs. You will also learn how to treat extreme damage from salt water or other corrosive liquids.

Power and Battery Testing and Troubleshooting

Testing boot up and power problems is always going to be needed.  Being able to test the battery and see its current health and longevity is a super important skill. 

Recommended Equipment for the Hardware Repair Course.

The Phonlab Smartphone Hardware Repair Course will require you to make an investment in some tools so that you can follow along in the course. We have created two list one with minimum requirements and and full list of tools recommended for starting your repair shop below. 

Minimum RequirementsFull List

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

The service, the tools, the learning..10 out of 10 for real. I don’t take the time to write reviews. But thank you.

Craig P

thanks for the terminology class, that is actually very useful, i even printed out a 3 piece laminated chart with all the terms to put in my Phonlab note book i am keeping. Thanks once again for all your hard work the future of smart phones is learning from the greats in the industry, now its my turn to pass it on down so THANKS.


Wow phonlab this is great I was looking for this a long time now you guys just remove my pain in the you know what thanks.


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