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In 2016 we started training shops on how to provide mobile device software support for customers while making consistent revenue every month doing it.  Adding mobile software support to your current hardware repair business just make cense or should I say dollars.


Typical software repair will net you between: 
1.  $50-$70 for updating the phone
2.  $30-$60 for malware and privacy checkups
3.  $60-$100 for FRP removal
4.  $100-$500 for data recovery

 Most repairs take less then one hour and many can be completed in under 15 minutes.  We have hundreds of different repairs and most of them require only a PC and the knowledge needed to perform them.


Start Training

Enrolling your employees in the Smartphone Tech course is easy.  We can even do bulk enrollments if needed.


Get Certified

Phonlab offers a certificate upon completion of the Smartphone Tech course and passing a 100 question final exam with a 90% or higher score.


Grow Your Business

How often do you turn down software repairs? At Phonlab you can learn the skills needed and add new revenue streams to take your shops to the next level.


Phonlab is always growing and changing to keep up to date with technology and the latest mobile repairs.  We add new guides and lessons to the course every month and sometimes weekly. 

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