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Become a Certified Smartphone Software Tech and learn Unlocking, FRP Bypass, and Troubleshooting.


Learn how to write batch scripts to automate adb and fastboot commands to your Android device.


Learn how to firmware restore Chromebooks along with troubleshooting common problems.

Unlocking Phones with a Mac

The Unlocking Smartphones with a Macbook course will guide you to setup your Mac to unlock phones.

Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT

A hands on exploration of how ChatGPT can benefit your everyday life. Ideas, tips, and tricks. Free with code PHONLAB


This video will explain the training you can find here at Phonlab

Phonlab is a school designed to train and grow your skills in the smartphone world.  You will use these skills to service customers.

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Phonlab is always growing and changing to keep up to date with technology and the latest mobile repairs. We add new guides and lessons to the courses every month and sometimes weekly.

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Joining Phonlab was one of the best Investments I ever made in business as the Return On Investment is about 1000% if you are inclined to use the information, and share with your staff.

William J

MotoReaper is the best thing I think I’ve ever seen. Now if only it was universal for all brands. But great job guys worked on my Motorola Droid Turbo (XT-1254). Took a couple trys to get it but in the end it worked like a dream.

Patrick H

I have looked at every single course on the market for becoming an Android Developer and after taking the Phonlab course I passed my Google Developer Exam on the first try. I am currently getting offers for a new job online.

Jason D

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Why Mobile Phone Should Have Administrative Rights

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